Exposure Therapy

Stefani helps children and adults work through their fear of animals. She also helps children with developmental delays or those who have autism improve language and social skills. Many people find it easier to speak openly in therapy while stroking Fozzie’s fur. Stefani is assisted in her work by well-behaved and dependable dogs.

Years experience

Parent Coaching

Parenting is the most difficult job on earth. Simultaneously, it is the most important, and hopefully the most rewarding, job you can have.  Stefani is the parent of two children, a boy and a girl, who have grown into adults that she is very proud of.  When they were born, Stefani read everything she could get her hands on and asked lots of questions. Often, she was confused by the variety of “answers” she found. 

Stefani’s approach to Parent Coaching is supportive, direct and pro-active. You will usually spend some time on exploring your experiences growing up in your own home and then Stefani will help you tailor strategies that feel right to you and will be effective with your own children. Together, you will factor in your personality and the temperament of your child.  Stefani has extensive experience with parents of children with learning differences as well as neuro-typical children.

Common areas of focus include: sleep, hygiene, picky eaters, distractibility, compliance with limit setting and sibling issues.

What Parents Are saying . . .

My daughter has made SO much progress while working with Stefani to face and overcome her fear of dogs. We no longer have to avoid social gatherings where dogs will be present. Overcoming this fear has given my daughter the strength to face other challenges in her life as well. We are so grateful to have discovered this unique resource. We love Stefani!