The Overcoming Fear of Dogs protocol.

As a mom of a child who was afraid of dogs, I was determined to help her overcome that fear. That’s how OFOD was born.

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Are you looking for a way to help your child be more comfortable around dogs?

Based on decades of experience as a therapist, parenting coach and mother of a child who was afraid of dogs, I developed the Overcoming Fear of Dogs (OFOD) protocol. This is a step-by-step guide for parents (therapists will find it helpful as well) to help their child overcome the fear of dogs.

By using exposure therapy and my specifically designed exercises, parents will gradually increase their child’s exposure to a real dog and thereby decrease their child’s fear and resistance.

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Whether you need help as a parent, want to go self-paced or are interested in animal-assisted therapy, Stefani can help your children overcome their fear of dogs

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The Benefits Of Overcoming Your Child’s Fear of Dogs

There is much to gain when children are able to overcome their fears. 

They learn to speak up and ask for help.

Children who face their fears learn coping skills and self-control, two of the biggest predictors of success later in life.

They develop self-confidence and self-esteem and feel empowered.

By using the method in this book children will become more aware of their feelings and learn to express them clearly.

My method helps kids feel in control and “take back the leash” when interacting with dogs.

Dogs are everywhere these days and it is impossible to avoid them. Kids who are afraid of dogs suffer socially and emotionally.

“I highly recommend Stefani for anyone working to help their child overcome a fear of dogs. Graduated exposure therapy is the gold standard treatment for dog phobias, but can often be difficult to implement, because it requires finding patient, well-trained, and gentle dogs for children to practice spending time with. Stefani offers a rare combination: an excellent understanding of evidence-based practices, a nurturing and positive approach, and the amazing Lucy, a perfect dog to help anxious children begin to face their fears.”
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