about Stefani

Hi, i’m stefani!

As a social worker and parenting consultant, Stefani has worked with hundreds of families and has over 20 years of experience. Her specialty is working with parents and children from birth to age 10. Some of these children may present with learning differences and special needs, while others may be strong-willed or are having difficulty in school and are a challenge for their parents. Many people find it helpful to discuss their parenting concerns in a “judgment-free zone” and to be able to have a sounding board. Individual counseling for adults is also available.

In addition to counseling, Stefani provides animal-assisted therapy and humane education programs and helps people overcome their fear of dogs. Stefani is assisted by well-behaved and dependable dogs, including her Keeshond Winnie.

As a child, Stefani was fortunate to share her life with dogs, cats, horses, and guinea pigs. Stefani enjoys sharing this love of animals with the people she meets. Stefani uses her personal and professional experience in many different ways. It might be helping a family decide if they are ready for a pet or suggesting some rituals to help a grieving family after the death of a beloved pet.

Stefani received a BA in sociology from William Smith College and a Master’s Degree in Social Work from NYU. She is a member of NASW and the Association of Professional Humane Educators as well as Dog Gone Safe.

 Your book is BRILLIANT!!!! I’m on page 132……I’ve learned SOOOOOOO MUCH!! You really cover everything so beautifully with so much detail as to why you should help your child & what you should not do. Love the real-life stories of the children you worked with.

We’ve been using your affirmations of “I am brave!” “I can do this!” So much of your book resonated with me so deeply and you really get it! All of your work is really amazing and I want to copy exactly everything you suggest.

Thank you so very much for writing your amazing book!!!!  Thank you for explaining all of your experiences and giving detailed, step-by-step advice! People like me really need it!!!! 

Lisa – Chicago, Illinois